Overlooked Home Office Renovation Ideas

Millions of Americans have transitioned to some form of remote work in the past few months, driven both by the need for social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the convenience that remote work can offer. For a lot of people, though, finding a space to perform that work can sometimes be difficult. If you’re tired of sending emails from your kitchen table or navigating spreadsheets from your sofa, it may be time to dedicate a room or space in your home as a dedicated office. And that might mean one word: renovation.

Whether your plans involve reclaiming an entire spare bedroom or simply building out a space in an unfinished basement, don’t overlook these renovation ideas to help spur productivity, keep you organized, and make your home office the best possible place for work.

Choose a bright space when possible (and bright paint when it’s not).

Think about your work habits. Do you perform your best work in the dark, or are you more productive and happy in a bright office with a good view? If you’re like 78% of employees surveyed by Future Workplace, you’re probably happier in a bright space with views of the outdoors. When planning your office, pick a room with a lot of natural light. If that’s not an option due to space constraints or because your office is in the basement, paint the walls a light, bright color that can help reflect any natural light that does come in.

Ensure you have enough outlets.

Nothing is worse for a home office than not having enough space to plug things in, except maybe having no outlets close to the perfect spot for your desk. Make sure your new office space has plenty of outlets for all your necessary electrical goods, including computers, monitors, lamps, paper shredders, printers, and more. If you’re having electrical outlets installed by a contractor (or switching them out yourself), consider adding some with USB outlets. This will help save space and allow you to plug in phones and tablets without needing a special charging base—all you need is the cable.

If you’re having lines run into your new space, consider asking the contractor to run Cat5e ethernet cables at the same time. Even though wireless internet connections have vastly improved in the past decade, nothing beats a hardwired internet connection for stability and quality.

Buy the right desk (and accessories).

Give yourself plenty of workspace with a desk that’s sturdy, appropriately sized, and comfortable to sit at. If you’re using a laptop computer and external monitor to do your work, invest in both a laptop stand and a monitor arm to free up space. Under-desk shelving can hold your chargers and power strips and help with cable organization. Depending on whether your room has hard flooring or you’re planning on carpeting for your office, the right chair mat will help protect the floor from scratches or wear and tear from rolling. Be sure to invest in a good desk lamp to help with lighting during video conference calls, especially if your office is in a darker room.

Give yourself space for storage.

As you continue to work from home, you’ll probably accumulate documents, books, manuals, and other items you’ll need to keep handy. Don’t skimp on storage to stay organized. Consider adding bookshelves or a small cabinet to stay organized. On-wall elements such as floating shelves can help add tasteful decorative elements (and utility) to your office, too.

Rent a self storage unit during (and after) your renovation project.

Of course, converting a room in your home most likely means moving some items out to make additional space. At StorageMart, we’re big fans of finding new ways to maximize your household space—and giving you the opportunity to make your renovation dreams a reality. Whether you’re building a new home office, creating a nursery, or looking for a way to change things up in your home, renting a self storage unit can give you the freedom to make those changes. To get started, find a facility near you and learn more about the benefits of self storage.